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Utility Bills Debt

Falling behind on everyday essential utility payments such as electricity or gas is classed as utility debt.

Figures showing that four in 10 Canadians worry they can’t cover all family living expenses each month and fall behind on their utility accounts.

Falling behind on utilities, such as electricity bills, can have an impact on your credit history so it’s important to know what support is avaliable.


How can I get help?

Facing up to missed payments to your utility company can be hard but it’s important not to ignore the problem.

No matter whether you owe heating bills, water bills or are in energy arrears, it’s important not to ignore any problems with your payment history.

While it may be hard to face up to what you owe your energy supplier, help is available.

At A Fisher & Associates we help people manage their unpaid debts and help customers on their journey to a debt-free future.

If you’re struggling to pay for your utilities and are worried about debt, our experienced advisors. Our Industry experts can help you look past your negative payment history and offer advice tailored to your circumstances.

They will advise you on all the debt relief options available to you to help you clear unpaid debts and enjoy the benefits of financial control.

How can utility debt affect life?

Failing to keep up to date with your utility bills can affect your credit score and credit report.

Utility companies will take action over unpaid bills and will share details of your late payments to a collection agency and your debt will be reported to the credit bureaus.

Unpaid debts can also lead to court action in a bid to make people pay. A utility company will push for a legal judgement to be made on outstanding debt so it’s important to be aware of the impact non-payment can have.

It can be easier than you think to fall behind on utility bills and the reasons for falling into arrears may often be simpler than you’d expect.

Common causes of utility bill debt include:

  • Direct debits or standing orders based on inaccurate estimates
  • Unexpected utility bill price rises
  • Unexpectedly high usage, due to prolonged periods of cold weather
  • Lost bills or billing errors
  • Moving house and forgetting to settle a final bill
  • Unexpected expenses that mean you can’t afford to pay your utility bill on time
  • Unpaid debts after switching supplier
Debt of any kind can have a debilitating impact on your life but not making utility payments can have an immediate effect on daily life. Below we highlight the impact utility debts could have on your life.

Fees: Falling behind on payments will incur a late payment fee which can add further financial strain, especially if you’re already having issues making payments to several other bills.

Debt collection: You run the risk of your debt being picked up by debt collection agencies who will chase for payment if you fail to pay for a number of months.

Future issues: Failing to keep up with payments can make it harder to make the most of utility services or change utility provider in the future as some companies keep track of a history of payments. It ca make finding a better deal in future more difficult too.

Family life: Knowing that you’re struggling with payments many utilities can understandably have an impact on everyday life and put a strain on relationships with families.

Day-to-day: Debt never takes a day off and naturally has an impact on day-to-day life. For many, it’s the first thing they think about when they open their eyes and the last thing they think of before they fall asleep which can have a negative impact on quality of life.

However, it’s important to know that if you fall behind on utility bill payments you must be provided with information about assistance programs and payment plan options before being disconnected – including discussing the possibility of an equal monthly payment plan.

Warning signs of unpaid utility bills

Admitting you’re struggling with debt is one of the hardest you could do in life, especially when it comes to struggling with bills deemed to be essential. As such it can be all too easy to bury your head in the sand when money worries begin, often making the situation worse.

  • Ignoring mail and hiding from energy bills is one of the first signs that you could be heading for financial distress. Avoiding correspondence from your utility companies can seem like the easy way out but it’s often the first step into money worries that will only escalate and make payment more difficult.
  • Having vital utilities, such as gas or electricity, cut off is understandably the most obvious sign that you’re struggling to pay bills and you should seek help immediately.
  • Consistently leaving yourself unable to pay for necessities can also show that you’re struggling to handle your finances. Running out of money for essentials is a tell-tale sign that you should consider seeking financial advice.
  • Have you had a visit from a debt collection agency? If you have it’s imperative to be open about your current financial situation and seek debt relief that can help consolidate your debts into a manageable payment.
  • Living in debt is isolating and not having disposable cash to enjoy things such as socialising or enjoying hobbies is also a sign that your money problems are beginning to reach a peak.

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